2017. május 22., hétfő

Kingdom (Avenues Ink #2) by A.M. Johnson

I’ve had a lot of book I couldn’t wait to have my hands on, but I can easily say Kingdom was the most anticipated one.

A.M. Johnson’s words mean the world to me. I just really can’t live without them. If you asked me who’s my absolute favorite author, the one I trust blindly, she has my vote. I love all of her books, and now, don’t tell the other ones, but Kingdom is my top favorite. A real poem to my heart.

This story is beautifully well-written, absolutely unforgettable. It’s simply lyrical. I could feel every little moment in the bottom of my heart. When I think A.M. Johnson can’t surprise the hell out of me, she just writes a new novel, and bamm, I’m all over it.

Kingdom’s left a mark on my heart. I don’t think I’m worthy to even just talk about it.
A.M. Johnson has worked her magic yet again and delivered a book – and may I say, series – where I can fall in love with true spirits all over again.
Once I stepped into this world, I couldn’t leave. I didn’t even want to leave.
Liam may not wears a crown, but he’s the king of my heart.

Liam and Kelly’s journey is mesmerizing. It was utterly gripping and kept me on my toes. My heart’s broke not once but so many times I lost count, and I just couldn’t care because I knew – the bigger the pain, the bigger Ms. Johnson’s healing magic.

A perfect story with perfectly imperfect characters. I wish I could express how much I want to read Kieran’s story!

I was a thief, coveting things I could never earn.

He’s my dark knight, my painted prince.

“You make me want to do terrible things.”

“I’ll go anywhere with you.”

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