2017. május 1., hétfő

Joy Ride by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely did it again! She brought me another funny, hands-down sexy and sweet story. She can’t seem to disappoint me. It was not my first book written by her and I still have those unbelievable feelings every time she announces a new book. Yes, I’m totally dancing around the room just like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Lauren Blakely is like my all time Santa Claus. Or Mrs Santa Claus.

Max and Henley’s story is one of my favorites from LB. I love to read from the guy’s POV and this book totally made me swoon all over it.
This couple is just so damn sexy! O
MG, those dialogues and epic sex scenes! My kindle’s totally exploded!

I just needed this book into my life right now. A laugh-maker life-saver! Keep them coming!

If something brings you pleasure, don’t feel guilty.
Case closed.

“Say you want me . . . because I fucking want you so much.”

She makes me lose focus.
She makes me want to be with her.
She makes me fucking feel.

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