2017. május 5., péntek

Book Blitz - The Bandit by BB Reid

Holy Mother of the Sweet Baby Batman. This book is… OMG, where is my vocabulary? I can’t find the words to describe it.

You may ask why did I read it now. To tell the truth, when this book was released, I’ve been in a very bad place. But now, I just knew I couldn’t miss it out. And here I am, gasping for air. Because this book is everything I love about Bebe’s works. It has everything I need in a great book. It kept me on the edge all the time. And this is why I couldn’t stop reading it. And this is why I couldn’t resist Angel Knight.

I’ve never seen him coming. After the Masters brothers and my all the time favorite book husband, Dash Chambers, I didn’t think Bebe can create another man I can drool over. And here comes Angel. 

Add Mian to the mix, and you just got a bomb that will explode in your hands. Holy shit, they’re one hell of a couple.

Now, I can’t wait to see what’s more. Gimme The Knight!

Title: The Bandit
Series: Stolen Duet #1
Author: B.B. Reid
Genre: Romantic Suspense


A missing legacy, a stolen son, and one dangerous secret changed everything for them...


I'll never forget the night I caught her sneaking around my place. She thought she could steal from me and get away with it, but I have no intention of letting her get away at all. Mian Ross has a lesson to learn, and I'm going to be the one to teach it to her.


I'll never forget the night I made the second biggest mistake of my life. It was supposed to be a simple job, but it quickly became so much more--one that cost my freedom and cost my son. Angel Knight became my worst nightmare... and now, he'll never let us go.

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Author Bio

B.B., ALSO KNOWN as Bebe, found her passion for romance when she read her first romance novel by Susan Johnson at a young age. She would sneak into her mother's closet for books and even sometimes the attic. It soon became a hobby, and later an addiction, influencing her life in a positive way.

Bebe is fresh out of undergrad college and has always wondered about the existence of her talent. When she finally decided to pick up a metaphorical pen and start writing, she found a new way to embrace her passion.

She favors a romance that isn't always easy on the eyes or heart, and loves to see characters grow--characters who are seemingly doomed from the start but find love anyway.

Fear Me, her debut novel, is the first of many.

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