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Alexa Riley: Everything for Her (For Her #1)

Megjelenés éve: 2016.

Carina Press

368 oldal

Sorozat: For Her

Fülszöveg: USA TODAY bestselling author Alexa Riley's first full-length novel shows just what happens when a strong, possessive man finds the woman of his dreams.  
I'll never forget the way she looked, so confident and sure of herself. I watched her from a distance. She wasn't ready for me yet. I didn't approach her and I didn't disturb her, but I never once took my eyes off her.  
Mallory Sullivan is ready to start her new life. After graduating at the top of her class, she's landed one of the most coveted internships in the United States. Hard work and determination have gotten her to this moment of living the life she only dreamed of while growing up in foster care. 
From the start, I knew that she would be my greatest achievement, so the day I let her go, I set down a path for her. A path to me.  
She never expected Oz to be the greatest culmination of those dreams. But sometimes fate determines who you fall in love with. Who makes you lose control. Who owns your soul. 
And then you realize it wasn't fate at all… 
I've wanted to care for and protect her since the first moment I saw her. I've constructed everything in our lives so that at the perfect moment, I could have her, could give her the life she deserves.  
The time has come.

Mérföldkő. Kedvenc huncut párosunk teljes hosszúságú regénnyel jelentkezett. És igen, ez sem volt kevésbé dögösebb, alfásabb, mint a rövidek. Igaz, én azokat valamiért még mindig jobban szeretem, de ez a könyv most minden kínomra gyógyír volt. Vagyis, tudjátok mit? Nem teszek különbséget, mindegyiket ugyanúgy imádom.

Először furcsa volt, hogy ilyen sokáig élvezhetem a csajok történetét, de ahogy hozzászoktak, teljesen más univerzumba repítettek el engem. Tisztára olyan volt, mintha az első AR regényemet olvastam volna. Annak ellenére, hogy ugyanolyan séma köré építik a történeteket, valahogy mindig sikerül megújulniuk. Ez a regény pedig remek példa erre.

Oz és Mallory zseniális páros. Nagyon durván jók voltak együtt. Imádtam a párbeszédeiket, imádtam Oz megnyilvánulásait Mallory felé. Tuti kis pár.

Már nagyon kíváncsi vagyok Ryan és Paige sztorijára is.


Milestone. Our favorite kinky duo wrote a full-length novel. And yes, it was not less sexier than the previous novellas were. I still love them better but this book was a balm to my soul. Okay, you know what? I will make no difference, I love them equally. The end.

Firstly, it was a little bit strange to read a ’big story’ from them, but after a few minutes, I totally get used to it. It was like I was reading my very first book from the ladies. They always find the way to renew, and I really liked this fact about them so much. And this book was the perfect example.

Oz and Mallory are incredible. They are a bomb. I loved their dialogues, and I loved Oz’s possessiveness of Mallory.

And now, I’m dying for Ryan and Paige’s book, too!

“You’re mine. “And I’m yours.”
“You always say the sweetest things.”
“Only to you.”

There’s nothing like trusting someone completely to make you fall in love.

“Anything for you, Miles.”
“And everything for you, baby.”

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