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A. Wilding Wells: Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus (Wild Things, #2)

Megjelenés éve:2017.

Hyp Notic Press

240 oldal

Fülszöveg: Perhaps some promises should be broken….

The price of freedom was as simple as a promise. Fifteen more years in jail, or a marriage. I agreed and didn’t look back, until the circus came to town.

Leaving England behind for a small town in Wisconsin meant two more years of freedom for my family, which is my everything. Then I met Theophile, an irresistibly intriguing woman whose heart I will claim, regardless of the fact that she made a promise to one of the greediest and wealthiest men on earth: my father, King Valentine.

A deeply moving—and gripping—modern-day fairytale about a spirited woman whose scruples are tested when her life is turned upside down by a larger-than-life candy heir and his eccentric circus family. A gut-wrenching, sweet, and magical read filled with humor, tragedy, and a cast of endearing characters that will steal your heart.

#2 in the Wild Things series (stand alone) 


Édes Jézusom! Ez a könyv! Uramisten, ez valami eszméletlenül lenyűgöző volt! A.Wilding Wells könyvei a mindenem. De komolyan. Én nem tudom, hogy lennék képes nélkülük létezni. Nem tudom elképzelni az életemet úgy, hogy az általa írt, brutálisan zseniális könyvek nincsenek benne.

Szinte szavakat se találok. Itt ülök, és csak vigyorgok, mint egy szabadon eresztett őrült. Hihetetlen, ez a nőszemély mit művel le velem minden egyes alkalommal.
Ez a regény nem engedett el. Az elejétől a végéig imádtam. Elrabolta a lelkemet. De nem csak maga a sztori, hanem az írónő gyönyörű szavai, egyedülálló, kifejező írásmódja is. Varázslatos, amit a sztorijaival tesz.

Wolfgang Valentine életem legújabb szerelme. Ez. A. Pasi. Minden.
Theophile pedig az egyik kedvenc hősnőmmé avanzsált.

Ez egy olyan könyv, ami megnevettet, de könnyekre is fakaszt. Kell ennél több? Nem hinném.

Sweet Lord! This BOOK! What! OMG, this book was ah-mah-zhing! Holy freckles, books written by A.Wilding Wells are my EVERYTHING! I don’t know how to live without them. My life is like a black hole when I don’t have a book from her in it.

I can’t even find the right words to describe my feelings. This book was a hurricane. I’m still smiling like a goddamn idiot. Maybe, I’m a lost case, but it feels so good to be lost in a story like that. It’s unbelievable what this phenomenal lady does to me every freakin’ time.

I was totally captivated by this book. I loved it from the beginning. It just stole my heart and locked it into that castle. But not only this story, the author’s beautiful words and unique telling style made my heart beat faster. She really does magical things.

I have a confession to make: Wolfgang Valentine is my newest love! Oh. My. God. This man is everything. 
And Theopile easily became one of my favorite heroines ever.

This book will make you smile but won’t let you out without dropping tears.

“I don’t ask for anything… I know I’ll be getting.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“The man you want in your bed all night long.”

“Am I moving too fast, Theophile? I gallop through life.”

He’s a balm for my nerves. A pacifier for my soul.

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