2016. január 27., szerda

Cover Reveal - Alexa Riley: PS... You're Mine


Kedvenc párosunk ismét alkotott, most hozom a legújabb történetük borítóját.

Engem már a fülszöveg is megfogott, már nagyon várom. Megjelenés: február 1.


Katie Lovely signs up her class for a project, writing letters to Marines serving overseas, but a calculation error means she has to participate along with the class. 

She isn’t prepared for what happens after she gets the first letter. 

Sergeant Major Mark Gunner is serving his last tour and looking forward to getting out of the Marines. When he gets a letter that captures his heart, everything suddenly changes. 

Their worlds connect and letters flow, creating a love unlike any other. 

But when their time is up and the letters stop, will his claim remain? 

Warning: This is a super quick, sweet, and dirty read with a small Valentine twist. *whispers* Don’t worry, it’s a happily ever after! 

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