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Cover Reveal - B.B. Reid: Breaking Love


Ezúttal egyik kedvenc sorozatom, a Broken Love negyedik részének borítóját hoztam el. Végre olvashatjuk Willow történetét. Oké, lehet, ez sokatoknak nem mond kb. semmit, de én veszettül bepörögtem. Juhú!


She’s the girl who got away, but now she’s back… 

Four years was all it took. 

I told myself I didn’t need friends. I didn’t need family. I sure as fuck didn’t need him. 

And you know what? 

I was right. 

He had been inside of me, coursing through my veins. 

So I cut and bled Dash Chambers until I was free. 

But the day I returned to Six Forks and was thrown at his feet, I realized I would never forget how it felt to have every inch of him inside me. 

...and he’s waiting. 

Angel thought if she ran far enough, she’d be free. 

What’s mine will always be mine. 

This time I do things my way.

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“Angel, tell me what the fuck is happening with you.” His tone was desperate now, making me feel even more helpless. “Are you in trouble?”
“If I were, what could you do about it?”
“I would protect you.”
“Protect me? I’m not yours to protect.”
“Someone has to do it,” he gritted. It was a wonder he could even speak beyond all the jaw clenching. Dash was gorgeous on a bad day, but he was breathtaking when he was angry. He was normally so charming and full of boyish smiles.
“How chivalrous of you, but here’s a newsflash. Your apartment and your men would have been just fine if you had left me alone to begin with. I shouldn’t be here.”
“So where would you be?”
I was locked in his demanding gaze, and once again, I fought the need to confide in him. It seemed all I had done since he forced his way in my life was fight. The reminder of what he had done was a bitter truth I didn’t welcome.
At the moment, I truly wanted to kill Keiran because I loved Dash once upon a time, and it was exactly what he had counted on.

“Falling out of love.”

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